10 reasons to come to the Spring Lindy Weekend

10 reasons to come to the Spring Lindy Weekend

Out of all the projects we have been involved in, this fourth edition of the Spring Lindy Weekend (27th to 29th March 2020) is, by far, the most ambitious. And also the one that makes us feel the most excited since we started Big Kick in 2015. If you are still not convinced about coming to Pamplona to have fun with us, we are going to help with these 10 reasons to encourage you!



1. The venue: Friday and Saturday night parties and also ALL CLASSES will be at Palacio de Congresos de Baluarte, an iconic building in the city centre of Pamplona, so you won´t have to move from one part of the city to another. We will have the whole third floor for us, with its spacious rooms with wooden floors and air conditioning. In addition there will be a bar and food service during the whole night, so you can drink and eat to recover if necessary.



2. The bands: This edition we are honoured to have two live bands every night. We will have Le Dancing Pepa again, our favourite Spanish band. As well as the band that is killing it in Europe nowadays, the Reverent Juke, from Belgium. The parties will last until very late, and with these two bands it will be a blast!



3. The parties: The parties will last until 5 am. In addition to the two very badass bands every night, we will also have invited DJs, Mix&Match and Strictly Lindy Competitions, teachers demostrations, a photo-booth, bar and food service, and designers market stalls. There will be two rooms so you can dance non stop if you are not interested in shows, and chill out area to take a breather. We will also program time for groups to perform and they will get a professional video as a gift.


4. The teachers: In this next edition our teachers are gonna kill it. Coming from Stockholm we have Rikard and Jenny, they are members of the Harlem Hot Shots. Anna and Jakob are coming from Upsala, bringing all their energy and youth. And last but not least, we have Pavli and Peter from Brno (Czech Republic), our favourite couple, back in Pamplona… they ‘re pure fire!



5. Tasters: We propose that you join the taster classes. with wellknown spanish and european teachers. They will bring new ideas for your dancing, as always, in an original and fun way.



6. Pamplona: Yes, Pamplona  is a small city but with lots to discover: the pintxos, the well preserved old town, coloured houses, parks to enjoy the Springtime, and everything is walking distance from the venue. Come and forget about car and public transportation. In addition we will offer a guided tour so you don´t miss anything!



7. Our Second Line:  During Sunday lunchtime, the Pamplona Jazz Brass Band will play for our Second Line around the Old Town, so you can enjoy good “pintxos” and “zuritos”(small glass of beer) New Orleans style!


8. Navarra: If you have a few extra days, Navarra is a proper paradise for the traveller. From huge forests and snowed capped mountains in the Pyrenees to the desert of Bardenas Reales, visiting fairy tale castles, cute little villages and lost in time monasteries.



9. Plaza Catedral Hostel: You can book through the website of the festival a bed in the Albergue Plaza Catedral, seven minutes walking from Baluarte. We have pre-booked the whole hostel and we think it is gonna be super fun to sleep there surrounded by lindyhoppers. For 35 euros you will have bed and breaksfast for Friday and Saturday night, so you don´t have to worry about anything at all.



10. The last reason is quite subjective.  After having danced in events around all Europe, we really wanted to organise the festival that we would really like to go to, with all our love and passion for Lindy Hop. Prices are adjusted so everybody can join and celebrate a big party weekend. We want you to meet new people, to enjoy dancing to the best live music, to discover a beautiful city and to come back home with your luggage full of unforgettable memories. If you are still not registered, you can do it right now: https://www.springlindyweekend.es/