We will have two amazing couples teaching here: Peter & Pavlina and Javi & Carla:

Peter & Pavlina have been dancing together since 2012. They created Swing Wings in Brno. We have seen them competing and teaching around Europe and they are considered one of the most promising couples in the international lindy hop scene. In 2015 they rocked ESDC and won European Champion award in the Open Showcase category.

Pavlina is from the Czech Republic and she has an elegant and spicy style. Peter is a temperamental Slovak dancer obsessed with jazz and swing music who is a real explosion of energy and creativity not only on the dancing floor!

Peter & Pavlina will be with us at the Spring Lindy Weekend!!!!


Carla & Javi are coming as well to Pamplona!

Their casual style and over six years of teaching experience has allowed them to find the perfect mix between showy movements, musicality, connection and technique. Carla has been a dancer since she was a child. She has a wonderful style so you can recognise her in any ballroom. She has won competitions such as the first Shorty George Over a Chair Contest, or the 300 Swing Out On Ice. Javi is a musician and engineer. He has won the second prize at the Balboa SlowMotion Solo Competition, and the Only Promenade Invitational Jack & Jill.

Together they have imbued the Spanish scene with their self-confidence, musicality and mutual understanding, as shown in projects like En Modo Swing, El Paso del Miércoles, or the Swing Mood Festival.

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